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Do chineese people eat their dog and pets?



a little people eat dog,just dog,a few person eat cat, 很少人会吃狗,几乎没有人吃猫,我没见过.其他宠物不会吃了,我觉得是古代时候人们的生活不怎么好,饥不择食,就形成了当下的状况

Most Chinese do love thier pets and treat them really good. Just a few of those who have mental problems may eat them.


They are not right .Most Chinese eaten dog,to be honest, it's very delicious, better than beef. But it's normal in China, don't feel strange 

I dog my family had as a child once bit me. Nobody killed him.

Furthermore, I forgave my dog after a short time.

i've seen a video from china that they eat their dog but how do chineese people eat it ??

they are really immaculate !

infact they don't kill them i've seen they start to cut their meat when they are in live OMG THE DOG IS SHOUTING AND THEY ARE CUTING IT OMGGGGGGGG

i can not believe it's terrible

they have really hard heart

i am really sorry for them


you have to forget that time because they  are animal not human

then we should forget the time that they disturb us not like other people kill them!!!

do they know what things are bad to do and what thigs are good to do ?

you should tell them how to behave

killing the dog or other animals just because of their bad things or bitting someone is the worst things that you do

Do you think people who don't eat dogs are morally more superior than people who do? I know in America and in some countries in the world would find the practice disgusting. But really, how do you feel when you see video footages where people slaughter caged animals such as chickens, pigs and cows for meat on a massive scale? Are they not cute or innocent? Are they less intelligent in your mind so their flesh is more suitable for our meat craving appetite? This makes me think of how people used to define black people as non-human to justify slavery and how some people used to define jewish people as subhuman to justify their treatment and massive killing in prison camps. I don't eat dogs nor cats, and my mom is a vegetarian. So only vegetables are served in our kitchen. My mom firmly believes no living animals should be killed for meat, period, but she doesn't look down on people who choose to eat animal meat. I can understand why dog & cat lovers would advocate this. It is sad that we humans need to end other living animal's life in order to sustain ours. I've heard the news that people can now grow meat in the laboratory. Do you see that as an alternative?
Would you buy an In Vitro meat hamburger in restaurants? Would the *taste of meat* influence your decision?

Watch this video and please tell me how it is morally sperior to eat childens, pigs, and cows.

I am waiting for your response, thank you. 

Hi Bruce, my position on the matter is clear, I don't see why you don't see it. Maybe you want to read my posts again. 

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