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Do chineese people eat their dog and pets?



a little people eat dog,just dog,a few person eat cat, 很少人会吃狗,几乎没有人吃猫,我没见过.其他宠物不会吃了,我觉得是古代时候人们的生活不怎么好,饥不择食,就形成了当下的状况

Most Chinese do love thier pets and treat them really good. Just a few of those who have mental problems may eat them.

Yes, some Chinese do eat dogs.  I learned this from italki discussion "Dogs in China"


What do dogs taste like?  Do some Chinese eat puppies for breakfast?

At present,chinese don't eat their dog or pet,the conscious of protecting animals is improving.but people still eat them in some place,especially in poor rural,because they don't have enough food.


They are not right .Most Chinese eaten dog,to be honest, it's very delicious, better than beef. But it's normal in China, don't feel strange 

@M_rk_s,you are right,they eat them for nonsense in poor rural,what i want to say is that more and more people are aware that we should protect animals in china.why dogs might be eaten in poor rural?the most important reason they feed them is that dog can guard their have different fate is decided to their owner's destination,they are treated as a pet or a guard .

About animal protection,I'm confused,why people think dog and cat  and other animals should be protected,but chickens ,cattle , sheep ,pig are born to be eaten,of course,their fate is possible to change if they are fortunately choosen to a pet.why they can't be equally to treat like dogs and cats?



  I had a student   whose family dog   had  bitten her mother.

When her  brother  got home from work,   he  killed the dog.

I don't know how he killed the dog, but the very thought was a traumatic image.


 Anyway,  the body of the dog was given to another family to eat.


  As one of my students explained it, the practice of eating dogs or cats is common only in

certain parts of China.  The belief is that   in Winter,  eating Dog wards off sickness.

I dog my family had as a child once bit me. Nobody killed him.

Furthermore, I forgave my dog after a short time.

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