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Why do we call them restrooms when no one goes there to rest?




Speak for yourself. I sometimes take a magazine or newspaper in and rest my feet and read.

May be the only place when noone can see you and you can rest from everyone,,,,,:))

In one way or another way, you really can rest and get to relax in that place.

Sonia, I'm interested in details :D

Arwa, just dont drop your phone!

Because very easy 2 find where they rest ..

Steve, I'm not that person but I know someone who does! Magazines, newspapers, phone..what else? How many hours a day do you spend in the restroom? :P :D

I think because in the restroom, we put down the "rest" of our lunch…

It's not called that in British English so when I go abroad and see signs for restrooms I imagine a room with sofas and beds.

If you feel that you want to pee or pooh right now as in right at this momnt and you think you can't take it anymore and you have to let it out.. Do you think you can relax in that situation? But once you are already in the restroom and do what you have to do there, right after you let it out everything that you need to released. Don't you feel relaxed and want to shour "SUCCESSED!"

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