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how to choose a third language?


I'm from China and I'm 18.I can speak English.

I'd like to choose a third language.

Which I do you think is the best choice?

Can you share your experiences?




I think that you should choose the that interests you more. I think the more you like it the more succesfull you will be

I think you shuld learn arabic Because there are hundreds of millions speak it

If I were you I would choose either Spanish or French. Spanish is quite popular in the world. in fact, it`s the second language in the USA and it`s widely spread in South America. Moreover, the grammar is plain. As for French, I adore French pronunciation. It`s the most beautiful language in the world, the language of LOVE.

I can tell you about my language. It is really hard to start learning the Russian language, but you'll be able to master it with less effort. For example, English is very easy at the start, but it is really difficult for mastering in the later stages, right? Because I've never seen any students of English, that speak English perfectly. Whatever you guys think of it, I can't see here the language, which I see in the movies... :) In the Russian language the grammar is just incredibly complex, if you wonder.

Choose a language that you have more use of....and reach out to native speakers, language of interest.

It depends upon your interest if you're going to be practical Spanish will be the best. 

Yes, it is also good to learn the langauge of your neighboring countries like Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Bahasa, Thai, Tieng viet, and what not. But for me, If i will choose another language, I will choose a language that will benefit me. Having learned a language will not be beneficial if it just serves as an ornamental or merely for ostentation purposes.


I, as a Filipino, have chosen Spanish as my fourth language. 

Filipino (national language) , English, Kapampangan (Language in our province) and Spanish which I took up last year..

My professor told us that Spanish will be useful for it is widely used after the English language. There might come a time that Spanish will dominate the world. Who knows?

There's no point learning a language that is widely spoken if you're not going to use it yourself. :) Think of a language that might help you with your studies or future job. Maybe there's a certain country that you'd like to travel to often? Maybe you have many friends who speak a language you don't? Or perhaps there's a culture that you're interested in and would like to understand more? It doesn't matter what your reasons are. If a language is relevant to you, you shouldn't waste your time learning one that isn't. 

I would advise you to buy a notebook and start learning a few for a couple of weeks..

After that, you can choose which one you like the most, you find it easier (if that matters to you) or will add some value to your future and so on.

If you still can't make your mind, at least you can start scrapping the ones you don't like

Keep in mind that when you engage in learning a language, you get also immersed in its culture, like you want to learn Arabic, you will deal with Arab culture. Learning french will get you immerse in that culture and maybe other where french is also spoken. The thing is that if you are learning a language merely for hobby and not for another benefit (that you haven't thought of) then at least choose something that won't make you feel uncomfortable while learning it because culture goes by hand with language. A friend of mine wouldn't learn German just because it reminds him of the nazis (nothing against the germans though, just an association made up in his mind. Anyone from Germany, don't be offended by this comment). If I had the time or the skills to learn as many languages as I want, I would definitely learn Arabic, Russian and Chinese (and I know each of them is hard to learn). Good luck!!!

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