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What ways to stop being lazy?



There's voice in my mind, "Do it later", "Do it tomorrow."

What do you do to stop being lazy?




Don't listen to your mind :D



@ Flora, It isn't easy not to listen to it, that's why I asked.

@ Howard Shaw, what does it mean? I don't speak Chinese. 

me too 

that's really bad thing 

wish if I can get rid of it 

Just think about all lost opportunities ;)


I know, it's not easy, and I have the same problem too!
Try to keep yourself motivated, and in a good mood :)


1) Maybe it just isn't yours (if the task isn't brushing your teeth, of course). If I had to work as an accountant or studied law I bet I'd procrastinate all the time and was super lazy. I even think that everybody turns into a lazy and stressful being when he does something that isn't his by nature and consumes all his energy: like hated dull work or studying pointless subjects. But if we do something that's ours, it in opposite charges us with energy and turns us into active productive people.

What some people can't not do, others can't do.

2) Or perhaps you're overloaded with tasks. I for example can be loaded only with one task in order to stay productive. When I have to deal with two or more tasks and implement some kind of time management I become very lazy and do nothing at all. So I try to have minimum tasks at a time.

3) Or maybe you've lost motivation and everything has become pointless?


Overall, laziness is often complex and has its own reasons. And what are the reasons of it is very interesing to ponder upon, since it tells a lot about who you are.


When I have downtime and just relax then I am thinking about how can I do this "thing". Decide for 1 hour that now I can do a part of it and finish it later. Look at the problem when inspiration strikes you or write it down for later.

Listen to this voice: "Do it now!!!!!!!!!" :)

to do list written every morning and at the end of the day must tick achived or done beside every single task achived at the end of the day this paper shows you how lazy or succesfull person you are try it

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