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hi guys 

how are you today ?



I am Fine .How about you?

I'm fine thank you 

this is my first visit for this website 

can you tell how I can use it well ?

#Silent girl007  You possibly meant "fun" rather than "funny".  What is "funny" are the mistakes I make when I speak Arabic.  Thankfully, my wonderful language partners do not laugh at me.


all of us make mistakes don't worry about that  it's not a big deal 

I can help you if you want to learn Arabic 

you are welcome in our culture 

now you can start fix my mistakes in English :D 


Well, since you ask, I'm fine. Alhamdulillah  ;)

Feel like a storm in the ocean!=)) hahah so much energy to learn new language and find new friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Silent girl007

I'm fine and happy to meet you 

oh no life is Full of trouble but you deal with it 


wish you happiness 


I'm so exciting to meet new freinds 

very much okay..:)

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