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Do you think exorcism is a medical problem or they have been possess by demons?

Awhile ago I watched The exorcism in Vatican and it reminds me of the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Do you think that those who have been under exorcism was really been possess by evil spirits or they only have some medical sickness?




I am not sure if I believe in the existance of demons.  I have contemplated this question many times, and like you, especially after seeing Emily Rose.  I have started to wonder if what people think to be "possession" isn't really something more like a form of epilespsy or some other mental sickness.  It is a good question, and I wonder if we ever will have an answer.

Well it depends because certain religions actually have the belief in spirits and devils. But Im not entirely sure whether these people who have been possessed are truly under exorcism or have some sort of mental sickness.

It's a mental illness; But it would be easy enough to test - give the individual plenty of alcohol. If the so-called "demon" gets drunk too, it's a pretty sure bet the cause is mental illness.

Exorcism is true..

If you believe that you exist ad you have a soul then do evil spirits exist as well.

Of course Science wont believe but the sayin goes when reason ends, faith begins.

Try to read some other related literatures about exorcism.. dont be too quick to judge..

I believe that exorcism is cause by demon because demons are real. If demons are not real then who causes us to do sin?

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