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What Things Did You Create When You Were a Child?

Yeap, nice topic for learning new cultural=) I think its really cool to share with our child histories and maybe it will help for someone who want to make his life more creativity!=) So, When I was a child, my mom taught me to make the pics from the old flowers. Its require only 5 min, but result is awesome!!!=) So and what did you do?



I remember when I was about 15 I did some search (research) on calendar system and I made two circles of card board with years, months, dates and days on it. You could find out day on any date of the year (of course limited number of years). Later I saw the same thing on a key chain. So someone had already invented that calculator before I did.


caves and castels from the couch and play a war zone defending my people 

Legos of course!

I played with legos, k'nex and I built bridges with shoes's boxes and woods :D

When I was a child. Me and my bestfriend bought a toy  plastic treasure box and we put some of our earings, ring, necklace some small toys, small colorful balls, marble and beads inside the treasure box. We went to a vacant lot just near in my house and we bury our treasure box there with a note inside that whoever find the treasure, the treasure will be yours.




Making a mini house by putting blankets over chairs and sofas, and then spending the entire day playing inside it with my toys! :)

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