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Premier League

Hi there . Do you watch English Premier League ? Whitch team is your favorite ? What you think , which team can win this season ? 



Sorry , of course " which team " :-)

well i watch the premium leage 

my favourite team is arsenal but nowadays arsen venger is pissing us of he refuse to buy or pay a penny for a new super star to ensure a stablized performance espicaly in big matches 

Hello Everybody ;D 


I watched the first round of English Premier League and in my opinion Chelsea have got the best team in all league ;D! And have the best coach in the world! Did you see this amazing Frank Lampard goal ?


Man Und with his new coach is one big unknown! And they have problem with Rooney...


Aresnal... no coment ;D! Wenger should change goolkeeper, Szczęsny is weak!!


What do you think about Gareth Bale and all this media speculation about his transfer to Real Madrid ?

M_rk_s , as I see you don't know Slovakia football especially Slovak league , its's piece of s**t . There is so much corruption and very weak level of football . We are hadn't any our team in CL too many years . So , when it happend  ,that they were there  , it was disaster ! We don't have any good Stadium , every Stadium are so old and small in horrible conditions , but to the future some of them will go to reconstruction . Average attention on our Stadiums for one league round it's about 800 - 1000 supporters . There's no chance to compare Dutch league with Slovak league .

In Poland is the same situation. We haven't got any club in CL for 15 years... Now, Legia Warsaw is playing in IV round of qualifications with Steua Bucarest :P We have only little chance to qualify the next round! Maybe Sloviaka league is worst than Poland, but you have got very good national team :) Which place do you have in your qualifications group to WC?

I like the Manchester City

I support Man City just for Aguero and Zabaleta, but I really don't care a lot about EPL.


It's nice to see Mourinho back in Chelsea and also looking foward to see United without Ferguson.


I'd say Man U, Man City and Chelsea are the candidates to win it. 

Manchester City... I don't like this team, players play in this team because they have a huge contracts, and Mansour bin Zayed give them a lot of money ...

Slovakia team haven't chance to be in Brasilia WC . They wasted their chances . There is a new coach , but it's too late . Chances are only with theoretical .

What about EPL , I 'm supporter FC Liverpool , so I hope that this season they will play well and they makes  some good results .

I watch premier league and also La liga. I support Liverpool and I think Chelsea or Man. City will win.

I hope Liverpool finish in the top 4 this season and hope Suarez stay. 


Btw, Do you play Fantasy premier league? :)

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