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50 shadows of grey

what do you think about that book?? 



50 shades of grey? I've never read it but I picked it up to read glance at the first page and it seemed badly written. 


Terrible! One of the worst books I have ever read. Check out the reviews on Amazon, hilarious! 

I couldn't bring myself to read a few pages in the book either. It seems to a book targeting younger audience.

50 Shades of Grey has its plusses and minuses.  You see, even 50 Shares of Grey is not all black and white.

I started reading it and put it aside... I thought it was quite boring 

I haven't read it. In addition, I have a really annoying memory related to this book. My boyfriend and I were at home and decided to do something special for lunch. We bought two thick steaks, something we normally can't afford. He was in the kitchen cooking them when that salesman rang the bell and was trying to convince me to buy 50 Shades of Grey for 30 MINUTES, even though he saw we were about to dinner and I told him it was a bad moment (and I wasn't interested in that book)!

At last he left, but by then the steaks were totally cold. I still can't get it: how can someone think that ruinning my lunch is a good way to make a sale?

Even so I was polite, but next time my anger won't be repressed!

Lots of people are talking about that book, but from the pervious comments, I think it is not gonna be a great idea to check it.

I read these books. I hardly can imagine that situation in real life. But who knows)))) I have heard the movie with the same name will be introduce in next time.

The first impression was very strong-surprise, wow, sensible. But episodes repeat and repeat, and gradually everything was getting boring, because the plot is very poor. 


To be honest I didn't finish the second book, too boring. But I know this book is a bestseller now, so you should read it coz you will have your own opinion.

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