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Caucasian race, also Caucasoid.

Hi, why is the term 'Caucasoid' used towards the representatives of the white race? Do you at least know about the existence of region, which is called the Caucasus, Caucaisia or Cavkaz? I'm gonna tell you, this is actually a shithole on the territory of Russia if you didn't know and the people who are living over there called 'Caucasians' too... But in fact, they are more alike with Arabs in many ways. So, this is a completely separate ethnic group and they are Muslims. In Russia we call white people like 'Europeans' or 'Europeoids'.

So, does anyone know the answer why English speakers use the term 'Caucasian race' and where did it come from and how? :) What's wrong with the term 'Europeoid'?




This article should clear it up for you:

Søren, thanks a lot for the article! But I still cannot understand anything. :D I guess I need some sleep to cope with that. :)

Ivan,this question is very contentious.Maybe the name of Caucasian race came from the mistakable conclude just like you russian called we chinese китаец,and the native residents of America were called indians,that's all historical custom.Kitai is a nabour of china,and it is a small country.but Kitai people is close to russian boundaries,and russian people communicate with Kitai previously,so you russian thought kitaietz as chinese for the similar asian face.

 I define the term by dictionary , other than that , I do not intend to expand

" belonging to the races of people who have skin that is of a pale colour "

I guesss it is equal to "white men" , nothing more than that



Allen: Causasian actually refers to the people of the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc) and not white people. The link I provide gives useful information on this matter.




The term Causasian race was coined by a German philosopherjohann Friendrich  Christoph Meiners who included in this group Germans and Tatars. Later the term was developed by Blumenbach who fought that the Southern Caucasus was the archetype for the grouping. And later this term was just adopted to represent "white people". There is more information on wikipedia. 

And btw Arabs are part of the Causasian group.

Just like Swan said it's one of those funny names that got adopted, and don't have much to do with the origin. 


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