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Russian Mat

Though it is taboo and ridiculous for some people but I wanna ask . Here they are:

1. How many Russian mat do you know?

2. In what circumstances do you use it?

3. To whom do you talk using that?

4. Do you have the comparison of Russian mat concerning with more impolite and the most impolite ones?

5. How often did Russian use it in their daily life?

6. What will be the consequences will we get as foreigners when we speak Russian mat to Russian and vice versa?


Bolshoye Spasibo.








- Хлеб... пусти вагон... карасни... китай-са... - и еще три слова, сочетание которых давало изумительную комбинацию, обладавшую чудодейственным эффектом. По опыту ходя знал, что комбинация могла отворить дверь теплушки, но она же могла и навлечь тяжкие побои кулаком по китайской стриженой голове. Женщины бежали от нее, а мужчины поступали очень различно: то давали хлеба, то, наоборот, порывались бить.


(Михаил Булгаков. Китайская история. ))


"Эксперты" по мату, высказывайтесь.

1) As a native Russian speaker I know a lot of this kind of words. Nothing new here.

2) It can be used even in common conversation, but especially usefull to express some strong emotions. To emphasize your anger or excitement feelings.

3) It's widely used in "men only" company and usually men try to avoid it when they are speaking with females.

4) Russian Mat is tradionally considered as very impolite and rude. I can compare Russian Mat with a Hebrew analogue. Even though there are a lot of Hebrew expressions and words on the subject, it looks that Russian Mat still has much more this sort of words, forms and some "funny" constructions.

5) It definitely used by majority of Russian adults and teenagers. The Mat widely applied in private conversations, between persons that are familiar to eatch other. Although, there are situatiations where mat is avoided: conversation with stranger or an official, male-to-female dialogue and so on.

6) I believe that foreigner had better try to not use mat in convesation with Russian. You would sound too offencieve and rude even if you not intended. Moreover. I think that even if you have real intention to insult someone and try to use some mat, in most cases it will sound just "funny" for listener because of foreign accent and you won't achieve your original goal.

Clear, thank you very much Viktor (you forgot to use two version) and Valentine (great explanation but in point one I wish you make some lists of those words, however I like all ) ^^. 

Yulia, maybe I'll give you only couple of words as an example. I would prefer to refrain from demonstration of my rich knowledge in this doubtfully valuable area. ))


Блядь (blyad') - one of the most popular dirty word. Meanings are: prostitute, bitch. Mostly used as a linking word, but can be applied as direct insult. Example: "Ты изменяла мне 2 года, да ты просто блядь!" (You cheated me two years, you are bitch!) Derivatives: блядун (blyadun) - man that has sex with a lot women), блядство (blyadstvo) - lechery, блядища - fortifying of "blyad", блядский (blyadskii) - adjective of 'blyad'


Ссука (ssuka) - a light version of previous word, but still rude. Note that there is similar word сука (suka) it is official definition for female dog. Verbally both words sound almost same, so the context is very important here.

Thank you very much for your kruto explanation, I like it Valentine. 

Ni jiao shenme mingzi? ya izhucayu Russki yazik dlya 2 goda no moya Russki ploho. Konyesno, eto nye lstivie rechi slava no ya lyublyu Russki, tak ya izhucayu vso. Ti ponimayesh? Nyet? Bu yao jin, ya tozhe. Hen duo xie.

I'm Russian and of course I know all (or almost all) these dirty words and expressions...but I never use them. Indeed! Even when I'm injuring myself tthese worda do not come to my head, so I never use them by purpose. I blieve such words could be used in a very special situations by those who do sound natural with them. I'm not such a person XD

Honestly, I hate when peope use 'Dirty Russian' as their basic's terrible =( But as for foreigners, I guess they should know those expressions (it's a part of our language, anyway) at least just not to use them. They should distinguish Russian Mat also not to get into awkward situations.

I understand, thanks Elena ))

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