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Hey every body I search partener to exchange in English.

I come from France and I need someone to learn speak and understand in English. I like movies musics and nature. I'm not very good in French so I can't help you to learn.



can you identify my idea ?

my native language is french but it s very complicated so I can speak but sometime I make mistake --'

If you want to teach your native language , you have to structure your language at first . In most situation , it is not so approachable if you were not skillful in your grammar or collocation . It is the first challenge for native speakers who have not been trained for teachers .

In french there are not an only structure. When you speak there are many manner of speaking but in all grammar is complicated. So I m bad in french written :-S I just can say if its the good word (because there are lot's of word with a similar translation but a different use) and the better order for me.

To speak one language fluently is different from you are a professional teacher in that language.

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