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What do you think about loners?

There are some people, who don't have or have a few friends, because they can't comunicate with jthers. What do you think about such persons? Would you like to make them company (to make friends with them)?



I consider myself a silent person, like I really enjoy silence rather than nonsense chatter. But being alone doesn't mean being sad. I guess it means some people don't enjoy the company of a random someone just because 

It is literally impossible to see a true loner.

Since I'm a severe introvert, I tend to be a loner. Communication is hard for me, because I generally like to keep people at an arm's length. Social situations can be awkward, because I often mistakenly assume others think like me. I tend not to engage people very much, because I think that like me, they want their space. People often misinterpret it as me being rude or standoffish, but I'm just treating them the way I'd want to be treated.


Of course, I'm also not good at making "small talk." In my mind, if there's nothing worthwhile to say, there's no reason to be talking. Silence is better than wasting time with inanity. I prefer talking to people one-on-one about interests and thoughts I have. Sometimes I can't converse because I honestly have nothing to say to a person.


If you think that loners are sad people, it might not necessarily be the case. I'd guess most loners are introverts who don't just want to be around people for the sake of being around people. If you want to make friends with a loner, I'd suggest trying to find out something you have in common with the person, so that you can talk about something meaningful. Otherwise, you might be bothering the person.

I consider myself a loner, I have a few friends, sometimes I go out and normally I am in my house, except when I have a party or barbecue with my friends.

I'm an introvert also...have a very few close friends. I don't trust that many people....and I know they have been rude and sarcastic to me in the past. Thats why I am a loner. You don't want to hang out in the wrong crowd, I get this wierd vibe from people. You have to know your real friends and enemies. I won't be sad and lonely as long I am with friends and family. For other people who have bad character I simply give them the cold shoulder....


I'm an introvert as well. I don't have a lot of "close" friends but, even then I rarely ever go out with them either.  Like Kamal, I have a really difficult time trusting people because I was often taken advantage of, especially because I was such a "kind" person.  I just learned to do my own thing and thus, I hardly ever talk if I don't need to. I usually hold back a lot of what I want to say or just don't bother saying it at all. 


People think of me as being cold or too "quiet" but I am friendly and do try to get out of my comfort zone every once and a while. (ex: travelling). I also hate small talk because I find it a waste of my time if the conversation goes absolutely nowhere. People often complain that I talk too softly and can't hear me either. 

Maybe they just can not find the right friends with whom they have common themes for conversation.

I have few friends its because I only consider few people as friends though I know lots of people. I don't always talk and go out with other not because I am loner it is just that I am busy or my working/resting hours are not the same with my friends and sometimes I am just lazy to do that. Sometimes I want to be alone not because I am lonely I just want to have space.


I Have both introvert and extrovert side in my personality. It just takes a little while for me to adjust with a completely new environment and people surround me. However I eventually make the most of it. I enjoy meeting new friends and get to know their characters as well. There is nothing wrong with socializing. moreover, if those people are nice to us, why cant we just try to be nice with them. ;) but I completely understand about the people who are more comfortable to be alone. It's just the matter of choice. I have a very introvert friend in my class. When entering the college, the first time that comes to my mind is to find friends as many as possible in such a way I can share anything about campus life or discuss a particular subject. I tried being nice to all people, and making a small talk. then I came to her, I noticed that she liked irish band. I started making  conversation with her but she didnt answer me at all, I asked the second question, but she kept it that way. then I just left and wondering whether she had tongue or not. It has been almost 4 years in the same class. I noticed nobody wanted to be her friend because she behaves like she does not need people. When there was a group discussion in a class, she didnt make any contribution at all. nobody wants to be the same group with her. SOmetimes my friends and I offered our symphaties to her. We asked her to eat lunch together but she spoiled it. she's really into her stuff.

I DO suppose every one has his dark side which refers to every one has his introvert side . You cannot expect every time , every moment you are happy to be with other people  . Similarly , you cannot expect every one has the patience to communicate with you all the time . No matter how excellent  you are, you still hope you might have some time to be alone  .  Nurture your mind and life .You can make real good friends with other people instead of superficial talks .

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