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Practice My Tagalog

Hi all! I am really interested in practicing my Tagalog. I can understand it almost fluently, but I feel like I am always too nervous to speak it! 

I am planning on visiting my family there in the next few years, and I would love to show them how much I have learned. Please email me at with your Skype or gmail info so we can start talking asap.


I really appreciate it! Thank you!



That's nice to hear, Isabella! The Filipino language is much easier to adapt in terms of learning the alphabet, pronunciation, etc. compared with American/British alphabets which sometimes confusing because of phonetic symbols and word contractions.


I'm sure you'll enjoy learning Tagalog. The best of luck!


tandih_ike :) skype id. see you 

Hi there! If you are still interested in practicing your Tagalog, I would be glad to help you. You could just message me here. Thanks!



I'd like to be your conversation partner. I'm also looking for english speakers who I can speak or chat with so that I can practice and improve my English. If you're interested, here's my skype ID: jm23dc


Looking forward to hearing from you!




are you still interested to learn Tagalog.?

You can message me anytime if so.


I would like you to help me speak English confidently in exchange..


I have no one to practice with... 

Let's help each other


You go girl!

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