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foreign language

Hi , why do you want to learn a foreign language? what's your goal?



My goal is to get a better job and make friends all over the world! and yours?

my goal is same as yours ,make friends all over the world also I really like to know other country's

culture. where do you live Karina?

I am learning English because it is an international language and used by many countried. And I love to learn about other cultures. :)


My goal is to travel, meet people from the area I am interested with and achieve a better understanding of the Qur'an I am currently studying.

I'm going to travel for work so I need to improve my English. Then I'd like to know new people, their culture and make new friends. I'd also like to learn French too.

because I want to know and making friendship with people from other country and culture....., Hello, Hi, Ciao...,Salam,  :)

i am learning english.i just like english , it is a way to communicate with other people.i want find a foreign bf

I study English to find a good job.

My goal is make friends all over in the world. Mainly in Koréan beacause Korean (language) I am very interested ^^ 

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