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Learning mandarin chinese experience

Hi there! is anyone starting to learn mandarin chinese or have been studying it for a while?, can you share your experience with me?, its been a couple months since I started this beautiful journey, Im pretty much on my basis, still cant understand a conversation clearly, but I pick up many words on one. A lot of people think Im out of my mind, but I just cant stop myself. I have found myself deeply in love with the language, although there are times where I think it would be impossible. If there is anyone interested on making a group or just practicing online it would be awesome, Im up for anything related to chinese. 

我的汉语真的不好,可是我相信,未来我会进步一点 :)



Hey Genevieve,

as far as I know, the most difficult parts for international friends to learn mandarin lie in the tones and the chinese characters. We as Chinese have to learn the pronunciation and writing as well. For some chinese people mandarin is not their first lauguage (me for example,my dialect is way different from mandarin in pronunciation :)).As we started learning mandarin at primary school,we began with Pingyin and gradually the characters. All I can recall was just lots practice like morning reading and writing the same word ten times or so.Also it is important to be explosure to the surroundings where you can hear and speak chinese a lot.

Thank you!!! well I guess as any other language you gotta give it time (yes, maybe a few more hours to mandarin chinese) I hope to be on the right path. :)



I am so grad for you love mandrin chinese, I am a chinese college student ,I am learning Chinese too. First,you should practice pinyin,that like 26elements for English,If you want to speak mandrin chinese, it's important for learn it,I think  .Then,when different pinyin elements together,you must understant it .Every morning,you can read chinese loudly form video, my English is so poor,but,I want to share my experience with you.Besides,I hope you can help me english ,too.than kyou!加油,相信自己!(come on! believe yourself!)


I am a woman teacher from China. But my english is poor. If you like, We can help each other to improve language. My skype:lxxcapt. If you like, we can speak every day through skype.

Hi Genevieve!


I've just started to learn Chinese. But it's really hard. I think it will take plenty of time to communicate or read even on the very basic level. I would be happy to practice together but I think my chinese is too poor to work with someone else. But I found a lot of materials. Please write me how do you learn, which materials you use etc. it's really interesting for me because Chinese is totally different from languages I've learnt before and I'd love to see how other people are managing with this challange ;)


I see that a lot of Chinese people are following this conversation so I did not started another one with the same problem, but if there is anybody here who is from China and want to make friends with me to practice English/Polish/French or just chat ;) just write me.

Yes, I also think you are out of your mind. Of all the languages to choose, you have picked the one with the most difficult writing system, and which also happens to be tonal. The language Gods are up there laughing at all of us who have dared to take up the challenge.


I am learning Chinese as well, but not through choice, more because I am married to a Chinese lady. For anyone thinking about studying this language for fun, I would say to them "forget it". There are so many easier languages out there to learn (and by that I mean pretty much every other language in the world). Chinese will drive you mad. It will eat at your brain and consume you from the inside. You can spend years studying this language and you may still not be able to speak it any better than a 3-year-old child. In fact, you could probably reach fluency in five European languages in the same time it would take to become even a moderately good Chinese speaker. But that ridiculously step learning curve is also one of the beauties of Chinese. If you like a challenge, then there can be few better languages to learn. Good luck!

Where there is enthusiasm , there is opportunity . Believe me , you will conquer and enjoy the language if you can keep your passion . Chinese speaking is not so difficult as you imagine .

Thanks to all of you for the replies and experiences, Allen Im definetly keeping the enthusiasm and passion about mandarin. I already knew it was going to be hard, but I wont lose track of my dream :). Thanks!!!!!! :)

I spend 6-8 hours to practice my English each day for months. I learn English for the purpose of passing  IELTs test . That is the strongest incentive for me to keep on (my carriot) . Have you found any good motivation ? I am willing to practice Chinese with you if you are sure you really want . 

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