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Traveling overseas....?

When traveling to South-East Asia, you think it is necessary to wear face masks if you're a tourist? Vaccines/immunizations recommended? What should I be aware of while traveling?



Just bring yourself and have fun. Filipinos are friendly and very hospitable.


I think it depends on where you go and what the air quality is like. When I went to Japan during the winter, the air quality was perfectly fine so I didn't need to wear a face mask. I've seen people where face masks if they are sick (ie: have a cold) but each country is different and it varies from region to region too.  I would just research how safe the areas you are going are and go from there.


According to this forum: these are the vaccinations/immunisations you should get:


Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese encephalitis
Yellow fever

Why?It seems that your concept of South East Asia is something that is unclean and unsafe.

Here in Philippines you dont have to wear face mask, wear face mask if you are ill. 

You really dont have to have vaccinations and immunizations if you're going to stay in prestigious hotels and just spend your time on travelling and visiting scenic places.

You cant easily acquire malaria, hepatatis A and B, Cholera, Typhoid and Rabies in Manila unless you will immerse yourself in slum areas. 

Everywhere in the world, whatever country you will visit, whether poor or rich, you really have to be careful of those people who act like as if they are not civilized -.-



I'm not saying that at all. I'm just pointing out what vaccinations/immunisations of what I found. Obviously, I don't know much nor am I claiming to be an expert. But, you're right. You don't have to wear a face mask, especially in the places you mentioned.

I'm asking this because I have a lot of family in Marikina. I missed out going to Manila when I was younger, and I knew there was a need for vaccinations when visiting a peditrician by that time. I hear Metro-Manila air is polluted.

Oh really. That's nice :) 

I think, what you mean is that babies and even younger people 1-4 yrs.old? are required here to get free vaccinations from doctors. That is mandated by the law here in PH. Not because  Marikina is unclean or unsafe but rather because children are required to be vaccinated as per government mandates.. I myself is a beneficiary of this program even today the law is being implemented. 

Yes it is polluted but not that worse as compared to Beijing's air. Air pollution in manila fortunately had decreased as the government reported last 2 months? i forgot sorry.

Why do you need to wear a face mask? Are you sick? Are you worried about giving your disease the local people?

Traveling overseas is a journey that will give you full happiness and experiences for the rest of your will never be forgotten in your memory. hygenically, pointing it to only on south east asia of making a cautionary health measure that is not in a professional and ethical standards. normally when you make journey ... you also put yourself in an excellent health condition...putting some vaccinations are not only required to travelers. we must have the habit in putting ourselves in a very good and normal conditions even if we are on our daily normal life situations. although healthy risks are sometimes acquired while travelling you must not limit yourself in going into vaccines and immunizations

at home and into travel journey. make it a habit on being / preparing yourself in a healthy consciousness. people in south east asia are normally as like you. not all recieved good education

about vaccines/ immunizations that is why when you travel or you journey to any part of the world it

is required both to have those vaccines/ immunization to not be able to acquire or transfer any kinds

of the desease. a traveler is informed of the requirement to meet to comply so as not to infect and not be a carrier of any horrible desease. it is a compliance and a dissimination for all to have a safe journey and avoiding health problems. a mask is not an assurance that you are very safe from any harmfull  desease same as with your vaccines and immunizations... what matters most is your healthy immune system, mind, body, and soul.... goodluck with your travel journey and thanks.

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