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I want to know

How many hours spent Vietnamese students to study in a day?



I think 30 minutes :D

Really? :o

and how many hours of school time in a day?

She is lying.


Hehe, it depends on students ^___^

my uni's time are 7am-12am. 

when i was high school: 5hours on the morning and 3hours in the afteroon.

when i was second school: 4-5hours on the morning and 3hours in the afternoon

... i dont remember 

ah, i was wrong. i meant 5secsions and 45m for 1 secsion.

students spend a little time studying because they are distracted by so many things and study isn't the most important thing to achieve success. most of time,they suft facebook :v

It's depend on individual, the average number may 3h - 4h (Include time at university)

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