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what's your favourite song in your language?

tell me ,i will listen to it after



There are so many great songs in this world. I could never pick just one favorite.


I'll mention my favorite song by one of my favorite bands: "Come On, Come On" by Cheap Trick.

One of my favourite song in bulgarian is "Nazad nazad mome Kalino". Check the link below:

hello how are you

Lucha de gigantes - nacha pop

Well, perhaps this one: Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov - Kisslorod (Oxygen)

(in Russian: Наталья Подольская и Владимир Пресняков - KISSлород)


Swedish: Kent- Dom Andra (The Others)

Danish:  Jon Nørgaard- Dine øjne (Your eyes)

My favourite song in German is "Still" by Jupiter Jones.

Gisingin ang Puso by liezel Garcia.

My favorite song in spanish is "Siempre es de noche" de Alejandro Sanz.

There have only been six non-English language songs that became number 1 hit songs in the USA. 

Billboard's wikipedia lists the following non-English songs as number 1 hit songs in the USA:


"Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)" — Domenico Modugno (Italian – August 18, 1958 for five non-consecutive weeks )

"Sukiyaki" — Kyu Sakamoto (Japanese – June 15, 1963 for three weeks)

"Dominique" — The Singing Nun (French – December 7, 1963 for four weeks)

"Rock Me Amadeus" — Falco (English/German – March 29, 1986 for three weeks)

"La Bamba" — Los Lobos (Spanish – August 29, 1987 for three weeks)

"Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)" — Los del Río (English/Spanish – August 3, 1996 for fourteen weeks)

Yeah, the last non-English song to chart at number in the USA was 17 years ago.  "Gangnam Style" - PSY (Korean) did reach the number 2 spot on the US billboard chart last year.


Most Americans think that songs sung in English sound better than songs sung in other languages.  They don't like songs, if they don't understand most of the lyrics. They are too lazy to translate song lyrics.  ...  haha 






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