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about the 6 weeks challenge

Yesterday evening I subscribed to the Italki 6 week challenge, to take 20 lessons in 6 weeks time. After I paid the money and subscribed the system told me I have to take 20 lessons between August 15 and September 30. That is not correct and that way I don't get a fair chance, because I subscribed last night (August 20), then I would get 5 days less than 6 weeks. How can I change this? If this is not the right place to be asking this question, please let me know where I can get an answer.



Hi Monique, I believe that you can contact them using this form: Hope that helps :)

You should probably contact the iTalki support, click the link at the bottom called "contact us". Good luck!

Hi Monique,


My name is Sam Bleakly, i'm the community manager here at italki.  :)  We apologize for the confusing wording.


The challenge is 20 lessons from the pledge date, and it ends on september 30th.  


I am currently taking the challenge as well and am 5 lessons in while learning Cantonese!  I know that you can do this.  If you have any questions or need any help please email me directly by sending me a follower request here, or by emailing  


Thank you so much! 



Hello Sam,


Thanks for your positive reply, I just freaked out a little bit. Became a bit stressed and I was afraid I'd never make it in 5 weeks. Now I thought about it and 20 lessons in such a short time could give my french languageskills the boost I need desperately!


I am the only one of my family who speaks a bit french and I am a very social being and really need to be able to talk to other people. I am about 1000 kms away from my friends for the next 11 months and we have been here for almost 1 month now. It is quite exciting! And a big culturechange, also for my children. Fortunately we do have very nice and patient neighbours here and I just go talk to them as often as I see them, no matter how bad my french is, I am absolutely taking lots of effort to adapt to the french culture and I am enjoying life in rural France.


Only picking up the phone is still a bit scary!!! I hope I'll find some nice teachers here soon!


Kind regards, Monique



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