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Do you like listening to your self talk?



Earlier, I thought it was recording devices distorting my voice, so I never liked listening it. Once I learned this - as I hear my voice, and others do. About it, I don't remember everything in details, but it somehow has to do with a face.

I am not used to listening my voice by recorder or speaker . I feel bizarre for that unfamiliar sound . 

I don't think anyone really likes to listen to their own voice. Everyone seems to think they sound odd but I guess it's just because they aren't used to hearing themselves normally due to the vibrations going through their head.


I don't like listening to myself as a child with a high voice. That's very embarassing. Nowadays I don't really mind. The only time I don't want to hear myself is when I'm voice calling someone and can hear myself on their mic.

Yes somewhile,when Im not feel good or in trouble I would speak with myself.

Yes, I talk to myself a lot.


No lol I have falsetto voice

Yes I do sometimes. Not insanity, but you know, sometimes you become the best listener to yourself.

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