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I would like to say "Hello" in many languages.

I want to learn Korean, Japanese and French fluently but I'd also like to be able to say "Hello, how are you?" and things like that in as many languages as I can. I travel a lot and to be able to say "Thank you." or "I''m sorry." or "How much is that?" is really helpful! Does anyone else have this goal?



Okay, in dutch...


Hallo, hoe gaat het met jou?


I like your goal Holly! Good luck with it and if you want to know more dutch phrases, I can help.


Kind regards, Monique

Thank you Monique! I would like to learn more Dutch :) Could you tell me how "Gaat" is pronounced? Is it like "gat" or like "gut?"

In french you can say "salut ça va ?" with friend

or "bonjour comment vas tu ?" for something else.


Thank you -> merci

I'm sorry -> Je suis désolé

How much is that ? -> combien ça coûte ?


GoOD Luck for your goal and don't forgive : keep your dream next to your heart

It is more pronounced like gat, with a long aa.

In korean

Hello = 안녕하세요

How are you? = 잘 지내세요?

Thank you = 고맙습니다

I am sorry = 미안합니다

How much is it? = 얼마에요?


I like travel like you and have same goal

I think learning simple language that you will go to travel makes your travel more fun!

Good luck


If you ever come to Malaysia,


Hello, how are you? = Hai, apa khabar?

Thank you! = Terima Kasih!

I am sorry.. = Minta maaf..

How much is this/that? = Berapakah harga ini/itu?


Hope this helps and interests you to visit Malaysia :)

Thank you all! I will try to learn all of these! Thank you especially for Jieun, I have been saying "I'm sorry." like 죄송합니다

In Turkish:


Hello = Merhaba (Mer-ha-bah)

How are you? = Nasılsın? (Na-sel-sen)        ı = open

                        Nasılsınız? (Na-sel-sen-ez)

I am sorry = Pardon

                   Özür dilerim (O-zur Di-leh-rim) - more like apologizing   ö,ü as in German

How much is this? = Bu ne kadar (Buh neh ka-dar)

Thanks = Teşekkürler (Teh-Sheq- cur-ler)


I am not very sure about the accuracy of the phonetic interpretations (), so check out the google pronunciations in any case.


Good like and have fun in your trip! *_^

:) I meant good luck!

In Spanish is:

Hello, how are you? = hola, ¿cómo estás?

Thanky you = gracias

I'm sorry = Disculpa

How much is that?= ¿cúanto cuesta eso? o ¿cuánto vale eso?

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