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How to choose an English name?


My Chinese name is chunming. So I'd like to my English name to be Ming. Is Ming a good English name?



Hi Chunming! Ming sounds nice! However, it's not an English name. You can choose an English name that somehow sounds the same as your Chinese name. 


Here are some examples:



If you want names that sort of sounds like Ming, I can only suggest Mick or Mitch.


But if you really want Ming, you could also use it! 


  Ming is find for a name.


   You know, it is a convenient practice to take on an English name; but still,

if you use a Chinese Name, you will still be accepted.  All one needs to do is tell people the correct pronunciation  of your name.


 I think Ming should be fine.


 If you want to find a long list of English names,  look for lists of  names for "Babies". That is what most people do  I think. They use the internet websites to find all kinds of names.



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