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Studying in a different country

Studying in a different country can be an exciting but difficult or fearful experience. You have to deal with so many legal issues. You may have to do the housework yourself. The people in that country may not be nice to you (racist, for example). You may have to pay a lot of money.


Do you study or have you studied in a different country? Tell us about it.


For me: I dream of travelling abroad and getting a degree in nanotechnology and working in that field. I'm too afraid actually. I'm afraid I may work hard to get a scholarship there but don't get it. I'm afraid I get it but don't manage to live on my own. I'm afraid I may manage to live on my own but don't achieve enough academic excellence. I'm afraid I may achieve academic excellence but don't find a job there in that field (there are no jobs in my country in that field). I'll give it a shot anyway, hoping these fears may not come true.



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