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Would you be a volunteer for a clinical study if they pay you a large compensation?

Drugs may be involved such as ketamine...




How much does it pay to become a human guinea pig for ketamine?


Still I wouldn't want to tamper my own body with injections related to anesthetic drugs. Even if it means drugs that are in development. As a volunteer....You must be crazy to risk your health for money?

If this ketamine study were to take up less than a hundred hours of my time and it paid me $3,500, then I'd do it!  This anesthetic drug has already been proven not to have harmful effects on monkeys.  My DNA is 98 percent similar to that of a monkey's DNA.  So there is a good chance that this drug wouldn't be harmful to me either. 

Maybe if I lost hope in my life. I would do it even if no pay lol but for now thanks but no thanks

If it wasn't ketamine, yes. That stuff is just creppy.




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