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giving compliments

In every culture, giving compliments is a common thing to do. However, they differs in some ways from culture to culture. For Indonesians, in many cases, it is common to see people refusing a compliments. e.g, If you say to your friend: " You look so preety in your new dress."  She gives a respond and says : " No ! it's an old dress. I bought it last year.... "                                     How about it in your country?





  In the USA, giving compliments is a form of affirmation.  They may be regarded as more acceptable; but even then, there are people, (Self-Centered people for example)  who refuse to accept praise.  They deny any compliment as a matter of course. I used to be that way.


 Somebody taught me to accept compliments, and I   learned a great many things since accepting them

as a wonderful gift.  It is also a way of accepting that other people also can have power in our lives, and a power for good as well. In a world that often seems devoid of either love, affection, or even respect,  a compliment is like the Universe's way of balancing out  some  obstacles to growth.


 So I give them, and accept them willingly. It is how friendships can be formed.

thanks Bruce, your comment is so competely and give a me new visions of life...., :)

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