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Let me add you on duolingo

I've found duolingo so helpful. i think it would be great if I could see how other people were doing. I find it motivational.

Anyone on duolingo that would like me to add them. If you find it helpful to have someone to keep up with.

Doesn't matter what language you're learning since I've started all of the languages available on the app



I'm on Duolingo.. Hmmm I log in using my fb so I guess my username in duolingo is Dutzy Doris

I have a duolingo account but I am a native spanish speaker, and you speak spanish as well. add me dramirezag is my account. Good luck with your Korean and Portuguese.  

ann what is your username. Doris, I can't find you and Diego I added you

I'm looking for Spanish-English, but am friends with just about anyone into language learning:  lingoat 

: )

I'm on duolingo too. This is my id:cangola 

thx for the info

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