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what do you think of China?



wow.... china is a very populous country. my roots comes from grand parents.

there are great great people in china that we people look up to in our chinese literature classes. it has also a very rich culture as written in books and history. but i still have to learn more about china.

I always confuse with Japan, even with geopolitic lessons, in Brazil don't talk much about China, aaah... I know that China make part of the BRIC, with my country :)

For as what I heard from China citizens it is very crowded and most of them get out of there for that reason, as for me, I think is a beautiful country and is definetly on my list on countries I must live on once. :)


overseas Chinese 'Diaspora'

China is not only just a populated country, it's a growing country with fascinating food, strong culture and fast growing economy. So whether you are learning Chinese or not, it's definitely worth a visit and a long visit cuz it's too big~!!! 


Too crowded, too many people and diverse culture in one united country .


I love China! I love my own country!

crowded and hard-working people

China is a very beautiful place. there are many natural sceneries, and time-honored history and culture. China is developing fast now. It have achieved great progress, and poeple are getting richer.

On the one hand, we saw that China has achieved rapid development in economy. On another hand, it appears many environmental problems and social problems. Such as: geverment to be corrupted, and powerless to protect the environment. And the governmental system widen the gap between rich and poor.

Overall, I like China my own country, and i believe the Chinese Communist Party will maintain China to be better.

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