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which one do you prefer, Britain-english or America-english?



I'm American.. but I do love the sound of British English! I have the American accent, but I'm not exactly the biggest fan of it. 

I am going to attend the ETS test, America English is much more important for me. I also prefer American English.

distinguishing between British and American english ... made me realize that english is an evolving language that has many varieties. it is the american english that i most prefer. of both nation it is the american english that  affected the culture of my country philippines and changes its norm and exposed our country to western ideas: take for example our national pride in Boxing. it is the american

that exposes our country  to other parts of the world with  the fight of Manny Pacquiao a filipino  makes the philippines known to other countries including Britain. so preferably I will choose the american English. it helps us a lot easier to understand : example

British..............Lavatory                         American ............toilet

                      flavour                                                     flavor

                      cheque                                                   check  


I learn both. It does not matter which English varieties do you learn as long as it is still mutually intelligible in which  the speakers of that language with different varieties can readily understand the language we speak without intentional effort.

I prefer British-English, because it is more cearly. I learn some American English in school where  will have an American teacher .

I like American English much more than British English

I like British English because i think it is real English

We learn British English in school and i like that.

British English, of course. It's the real deal!

I prefer American English :D For me it's easier to listening and speaking!

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