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Do You Like Cooking?

I'm really enjoying myself at the cooking time,especially when I saw them ate with appetite.Which will give me much encouragement than any words.I didn't remember when I was started to learn how to cook,as if in my childhood.With the time past and I older enough,I bought some foods books to learn cooking different tastes food for my family.To see the TV programs is another good way to improve my cooking skills,I will write down the detail steps and try to cook it.



I like cooking very much

The truth, I don't like cooking. It takes a long time preparing a meal, but you eat the food in an instant. I love to eat a good food, or eating a special dish, of course. I prefer to buy my food, but I admire people who preparing delicious meals and have patience to cook.

I like cooking very much:) I like to cook sweet dishes and do it very well. I don't like using special books, because I like to create dishes by myself)

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