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Do you know that ?

Imagine that there is a man from another planet in another solar group or in another galaxy and he is using a telescope for watching our earth. He will not see us!! But maybe he will see the first humans or the dinosaurs. I mean that the man on the planet which is far from the earth may see the old ages of the earth.All that is because that the pictures travel with the light, and the light takes time for travelling from the earth to the other places in the universe.
For example: we know all that the light takes 8 minutes to travel from the sun to the earth and the distance between the sun and the earth is 150.000.000. So if we do some calculations, we will find that light takes 33,6 minutes to reach the earth from the  Jupiter. So if one day you see the Jupiter by telescope you should know that is not the Jupiter that you are watching at but the Jupiter of 33,6 minutes before!!
The nearest galaxy to us is the Andromeda galaxy, which lies about two million light-years away from us. When we look at the Andromeda, we will see the lightleft two million years ago. This light travels 300,000 kilometres per second during those two million years - a truly amazing! Glory to the Creator of the universe!
Finally, I want to say that when you watch the universe from your home you have to know that you are seeing his past not his present.Maybe the stars that you are watching at all the nights isnot existing any longer (the stars have the time to die.)
I hope you can understand what I mean and I hope that you have benefited from this information.

and if you have any more infomation i will be happy if you tell us :)



nice job hitomi it is important informations

Well done

Thanks for sharing 
Happy EID. :)

That is truely a make you think story. i enjoyed it alot..

thank you hitomi, i didn't know that before, it's an importante information 

no I do not ,but now I now and thank you very much

Alors...les étoiles qu'on voit dans le ciel n'existent plus?...

i didn't mean that the univers now is without stars but the stars are like us birth and die 
 nada : yes you can see a star that is not existing now or you can see a start when it was young but now it is old  

well..i understand what u mean hitomi but i disappointed, i have a naive idea about the stars all my life..i have to change it now...thx dear friend for the information.
good job friend  thx for the info  

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