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Can someone help me with spanish?


Since a year ago I have been learning Spanish in school. It been great. I know many words and a few phrases (like: Me IIamo... Tengo quince anos... Tengo nueve hermanos... and so on). But after the summer I have a very hard to formulate myself and to build sentence and I feel that it is many holes in my Spanish. To many and to big. The school takes it (as usual) forward very, very, very slow and I feel like I need to seal the holes and do my education faster and more meaningful than school can do.

I have thinked of borrowing books from the library and study more but I would even like to talk with people who can Spanish and who can talk with me.

Is it anyone here who can help me?



And English is my second language. That is why it doesn't always look correct, as you see.

Twelve views and no answers. Isn't it anyone here who could help me with Spanish?

I promise that I made it look more complicated in my message than it is in real life.

Hi! I am also learning Spanish in a language school. I also sometimes feel that school is slow so I do the following things to add to my learning in school:


1) I download Spanish language learning applications on my iPad and play with them. They help build my vocabulary while making learning easier.

2) I watch movies and cartoons in Spanish. You can go on Youtube and search for Disney cartoons in Spanish. They are fun to watch and will help get your ears accustomed to hearing Spanish.

3) I download Spanish versions of pop songs. Famous artists like Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, etc. have Spanish songs and I try to memorize the lyrics. I find it easier to learn words in songs.

4) I downloaded a radio application on my iPhone that lets me listen to radio stations in Spain. I always tune in to various Spanish radio stations and listen to more Spanish songs, radio advertisements, and DJs. 

5) I added people from italki to my Skype account and talk to them from time to time. It helps a lot in practicing the language. 


I hope those things help! :)

Hola Kristine!

Thank you for the tips. It helps very much and I will try them.

hi boy im native spanish and i got a high nevel of english if you want i can help you

I think I can fill the holes when it comes to words. But I would really like to talk with someone to train on how to build a sentence, to feel comfortable and to practice some phrases and you know - stuff like that.


Si te interesa podemos hablar.

In my opinion Spanish grammar is more difficult than English, there are more verbs and congujates but I think you only need motivation and patient. Learn an idiom is not easy. I´m from Spain so I can help with it. Tell me if you need. 

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