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iranian people

what do you think about iranian people ? do you like theme or hate ?



I cannot explain all of my experiences here, but I think they are good people.


There is no reason to hate anyone because of where they are from.

How could anyone like or hate an entire people?  Surely there are wonderful Iranians who deserve to be liked (I know some!), and others who, well, are not likeable at all (several that I've seen in the news).  My point is that we should not generalize about any people, nation, or race. 

you cant say like or hate becase you can find both of them in iran good and bad people but i think good or bad people is not relate to the locations of people its same in all of the world - ithink what is make people different its there culture

Hi my friends !

I am an Inanian . 

We all like all the people in the world . but there are something that we cannat deny them ... In each country there are some laws which are diffrent from other country . Iranian religion does not permit them to do something . but we treat with respect to all peole from each country and each religion .

Iranians are our neighbours. We fought with them, we traded with them. Let's trade and be good neighbours. And Persian poetry is great.

 igor71162 is right!  Persian poetry is amazing! And the music is awesome, too. :)  I've made some wonderful Iranian friends.  I would have to say generally they're some of the most polite people I've ever met.  Of course, I have met one who was disrespectful and one who was a wee bit paranoid.  As everyone else has said, you can't stereotype people just based on a few experiences.  

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