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Do you work well with others and accept criticism good maturely?

Lets take  a personality check in our behavior and on dealing with other people's criticism.



I don't work with others at all. In group when we discuss or work with something subjective or sensitive I often get frustrated at others and getting headache after headache. I hate it, maybe because my personality or bad experience.


Though, I can deal with others criticism. I appreciate when someone tell their opinion, even when they are getting hard on me.

I am usually classified as a "sole contributer".  I was once assigned to a group project where my valid proposal was rejected for another that I knew to be wrong and was eventually scrapped.  What bothered me most about the group dynamics was when they asked me to be reasonable and then they voted in favor of the incorrect approach.

My teaching philosophy is to avoid telling my students that they have made an error.  Instead, I offer a recommendation as to how a native speaker would say or write the word or sentence.  Because I take correction so poorly, I avoid telling others they are wrong.  Those that are wrong will band together and vote me wrong.


I think this is a really terrible topic for discussion.

Hi ...Godnatt, xarmenia and magenta.....thanks for your very good comments.


Bruce....I was joking.

I can cooperate with other people....until you give me bad feedback, I will be sensitive and offended.

Hi all.... Thanks for all very good commentary, as for Bruce..... ya sure  you have a very good explanation about the discussed topic.

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