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systems analyst

Life can be considered as functioning and interaction of difficult systems in which the person tries to bring an order. One systems were created by the person, others arose spontaneously. It is known that one system can affect other system. So, for example, the system of acquisition of the car on credit sharply affected increase in number of cars on roads. In this regard there was a problem of jams.

Need for the systems analyst arises when the problem already exists and demands the decision. The systems analyst is the person who owns methodology of studying of system, finds in it shortcomings and improves it. He is able to untie any knot or to prove that the solution doesn't exist. This is the expert who reveals the purposes of difficult systems, the problems connected with their development, factors influencing them, interrelations of their components and on the basis of received information projects difficult control systems and prepares the decisions providing achievement of goals. The systems analyst structures a problem, breaking it into simpler tasks, solves them, and then, uniting the received results, receives the solution of an initial problem.

The systems analyst can find for himself application in various spheres: in bodies of the public and municipal administration, in the large industrial enterprises, in banks, in consulting firms, in the sphere of private business.

Today there is an integration of Russia into world information space, amplifies influences of IT on all spheres of public life. Automated control systems demand continuous updating and change. This process is impossible without the systems analyst who is an intermediary between the customer of system and its developer. The problem consists that the customer sometimes itself doesn't know that he wants. It has only vision of that has to be as a result. The systems analyst looks at a problem globally, considers all features and nuances of the enterprise, carries out interviewing and questioning of users of information system, correlates enterprise business to opportunities of IT of department, systematizes and allocates processes which can be automated. The analyst transforms the received knowledge to the document under the name "Specification of Requirements to the Project" and bears it to developers. And as soon as working process in the company comes to new level, the result and advantage of introduction of the new or updated system will be visible, the importance of the systems analyst in the opinion of employees and customers will increase at once.

Interest to a profession the systems analyst grows now. Besides the profession of the systems analyst is very perspective. The analyst can begin career growth and to become the head of any technical department or even the head of the whole project.



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