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How can I speaks fluent English?

My friend made a friend with a Englishman rencently.She said to me that she was worried about her poor English.To be honest,I don't know how to talk with her friend,too.So confused~~that's the reason I am here.Hope some help,and I can also give you a hand with mandarin.



hello im spanish and i had enought problems for it... the first of all you must review every now and then the grammar and vocabulary lists must start to think in english ..speaking in english when you have the chance.. to watch videos,movies,series in english.all you can in english this way about 3 months you will be satisfied with results

Hi there,

I am a native Chinese speaker myself and frankly there's really no easy way to improve your English in a short period of time. It takes years and years to learn the correct grammar and pronounciation and you have to make a great effort in order to change the way you speak/think. As the old saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day." After all, English is another totally different language. I guess it helps if you focus on learning the colloquial English. It's not the same as Standard English and that's just the way how native speakers talk in real life. And just watch tons of English movies! That's a good way to train your ears. I really don't know what else to say. I sometimes have problem with understanding British Accent(especially the Welsh & London accent$ @%*^). It sounds really posh and sophisticated but I just have no idea what the bloody heck they are trying to say!!  But anyway, practice makes perfect and good luck with your British friend! 


If you are meeting English speakers on language websites like this, they are not expecting you to speak fluent English, otherwise you wouldn't be here! Don't worry, because I bet you speak much better English than they can speak Chinese :D


The trick to learning languages is not to be afraid of making mistakes! Because that is how you learn ;)


Good luck!

thanks for your encouragement and suggestions. Practice makes perfect~~I will practice more and more.

just speak out at first, don't care about grammar


how does she make a friend with englishman

The more time you listen to people talk, the more familiar it becomes.  The more time you read English words, the more familiar they become.  You don't need years and years.  There are Chinese people that have lived in the US for twenty years that don't know much English.  You need dedication--devote yourself to learning English and you will learn quickly.


Here on Italki I have found several discussions about the desire to be fluent in english. 

You can't pretend to speak fluently after 4 or 5 months above all if you are a beginner.


I can say you only this: Practise makes perfect!!!

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