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Helpful tips for language learners of all levels. Share you ideas/experiences!

Hi everyone, my name is Jake. I live in America and have been studying Japanese for a couple of years now. I'm new to italki, but it seems like there are A LOT of new language learners out there. I thought it'd be nice to share some helpful tips in language learning for these people, however some tips may be good for people who are even advanced in languages, too. I'll start with one that helped me tremendously:


I studied abroad in Tokyo for a year, and even though I had 2 full years college course experience in Japanese and was at the top of my class, when I arrived in Japan I was soooo bad at the language. I was by far the worst in my class of other foreigners, and I couldn't seem to get better no matter how I studied. My class mate from belgium ended up sharing one very useful tip that set my learning off on a new course. Here it is:


When using the target language, stop translating from your native language in your head! Think of the abstract idea of what you're trying to say, and then think of how that idea is expressed in the target language without thinking of your native language. For example, think of a car. In English, the machine with four wheels that you drive is called car, which in Japanese is Kuruma. But don't think Car -> Kuruma, think of the idea of "the thing with four wheels that you drive" -> Kuruma. This is hard at first, but once you elimnate the middle man of your native language, you'll learn the little nuances of the target language and be able to spit out sentences that sound much more natural without thinking twice.


Hope that helps, and please share anything that has helped you in your language journey!



Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes! This is how you learn, people are usually understanding and will help you out. Also, I'm a native speaker of English and I even made a typo in the title of this discussion, haha! (share YOUR ideas, not you ideas)



I completely agree with what your friend said. I heard the same thing when I watched an English lesson for foreigners on TV before. I always try to understand English in English. Besides I'm not afraid of making mistakes though my English isn't good yet, especially in speaking.

I think, generally, Japanese people who can't speak English fruently like me, want to say the whole sentences perfectly after translating in their mind but I don't want do that. Though I make many mistakes, for example, in the word order and conjugation of the verbs, I don't think it is good that there is "silence for translating" when I communicate with someone. 


Sorry for writing too much, I hope my English isn't bad. Greetings. 

It the same a professor of English said us in my school.It is nice advise but i think that is hard to realize but i will try.Thank you because you share your advise. :)

Very well said.

i agree with you bro,

Good point , stop learning a new language by translation at your best . However , it is not easy to achieve if your vocabulary is so enough to speak . Before thinking by new language , you have to master sentences as you can . Anyway , it is a good way to achieve without transformation from your native language.


Yeah, I completely agree. I think many learners tend to focus way too much on what the translation is instead trying to think into the new language they are learning.  

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