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Who in I italki community LOVES DOLPHINS!!! ???

I'm just looking for people that are like me and be friends. Dolphins are for me almost my reason to live! :D!



I've read that they sleep with one eye open. They don't want to miss anything. Life is short :) I'm not sure about this fact though.

Yeah! it's true! Dolphins are one of the less animals that can use both hemispheres of their brain! one eye is open for keeping them alert from predators!

I've never seen one before, but i watch it on TV and i read about it.. i think it is the most owesome creature on earth. and i hope i can see one someday.

Yeah! I think that too! It's the most incredible creature I have seen in my life!, maybe you could seach in internet the movie "dolphin tale" It's a real story about how a dolphin lost her tale and could survive with a prosthetic tale, now, she's living in the clearwater marine aquarium in florida!

I do lOOOOOoooooooOoooOOOOooooOOve dolphins, I have always dreamed to have one of them in my deseted iland, I want to sweem with it :DDD

oops, island*, swim* :D :P

Definitely me! I have even swam with them in a special pool after dolphin show. They are so nice, smart and kind! But of course i would prefer to see them in natural conditions ;)


Yes, Dolphins and Porpoises. It's probably one of my most favourite sea animals.

I agree, they are delicious!


^^You eat them?

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