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What is the dating scene in Korea like?

I'm married, so I'm not looking to date ;)


I'm just wondering what the differences between American relationships and Korean relationships are like. In America, usually the guy asks the girl out, but it is often the other way around, too. Is it the same way in Korea?


And what about sexually? It's totally common for someone (male or female) in America to have more than one sexual partner, unless they're in a committed relationship, of course. Is it considered shameful in Korea to sleep around?


I was just curious! Thanks, guys.



can  you teach  me english

First of all, this is my personal opinion ^^

I think a guy ask a girl out most of times in Korea. I haven't seen anything happened the other way around near me including myself. (There is! but not that common. I think it depends on a girl's character)

If we heard there were such thing happened, many guys would envy him.



As for having relationships with more than one partner,

Among guys, they would tell their friends with a big pride about that ^^ but, it's not something easily acceptable to people out there (who are not his friends)


M_rk_s, your experience with the girl with all the smile :) happens a lot to some Korean guys, too. I'm sorry you were frustrated by that.

But, can't that kind of attitude be seen by girls from other countries?


I'm saying Yes, I also have seen in Korea the same things to your experience, but I thought it could happen everywhere around the world. Was I wrong? ^^;;;

dear M_rk_s


it is very common for most Asian girls especially in traditional confucius moral education . I do not know why they have to show their shyness in this way. Some more fashion girls may not embrace this conception as you mentioned . They are too passive to interest me now .

That's interesting...I didn't know about Korean girls wanting a guy to ask them two or three times; it would be frustrating to a foreigner.


And yes, in other countries, like in America (where I'm from), a guy is considered kind of a loser if he keeps asking a girl out and she keeps saying "no". I suppose that we are more straightforward when it comes to dating here.

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