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Seriously, I need someone to help me with these questions of grammar.

I have this paper full of questions, and I need to explain my answers grammatically. I work based upon my instinc, andbutso I can't entirely explain why I choosed it in the first place. Mind to help me? For starter, care to explain what's the difference between countrylife and countryliving? Thanks a bunch :D



country life-----is where people lived on provinces. plant their own source of living and at the same time take care of  farm animals as another source of livelyhood. sorroundings is non pollutants. it has fresh air to breath. people are a  sort closer to one another. cost of living is cheaper. time  moved slowly as  the environment is not crowded as in country living. while...

country living..... has its  competitive way of life. it is a city where most people seems to be on the go.

they move fast as in they are competing with  time , money and almost everything is in demand.

people who lives in a country living provides meal from restaurant or fastfoods. people that comes from country life thinks that the place is good for hunting jobs. environment here is crowded and is polluted

because of so many transportation that emits smoke.

I hope this will helps a little distinguishing two places a city and a province.

country life ----province life

country living---- city life

The term "country living" means living in the country (out of the city) whether or not you are engaged in agriculture.  The term "country life" just means the life one lives in the country versus the city.  Country life has nothing to due with the political unit "country".


This is how the terms are used in NAmE.  Other locations may use the terms differently.

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