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Can introvert and extrovert be friends?

Those of you, who called themselves 'introverts' write that inane talks irritate you. What do you think, if a talkative man could make friends with a shy one who doesn't like crowd?



Of course, introverts & extroverts can be friends. You know the saying, "opposites attract"? Haha. They can balance each other. For example, the extrovert one can light up the mood between him & the introvert one. So the shy one will be comfortable enough. But it actually also depends on the person. :) I'm an introvert and most of my friends are extroverts. Haha. 

Of course Introvert and Extrovert can be friends ^^
I think they're kind of completing each other.

Extroverts can bring sunshines to Introverts with their cheerful personality,

bring laughters whenever they feel sad,

and Introvert could give Extroverts peaceful state of mind with their calmness,

and be a good secret keeper , someone who listen to Extroverts' problems and give advices from different point of view.

And many more :D

yeah,why not?

they would have some problems first,but they will solw it by respecting eachother

ON the contrary , I conceive extrovert people can make friends more easily with some portion of introvert people . But yet , talkative is not equivalent to extrovert .

It's not that introverts don't like talking, it's that they tend to prefer talking about meaningful things. I'm an introvert and I love having good conversations with people. However, the content of the conversation should be something meaningful and the timing of the conversation should be when I'm in the mood to talk. Otherwise, it's just annoying.


One of my pet peeves is people who talk too much, even if they aren't talking directly to me. For instance, when I was in high school, I had a class with this girl who would always insist on telling everyone about her life every day. She'd interrupt the class to say "Oh, can I tell everyone what happened this weekend?" or something. She loved being the center of attention. I thought it was ridiculous. People who go on constantly because they love the sound of their own voice are obnoxious.


A friendship between introvert and extrovert, like all human relationships, requires the proper amount of understanding. If they can become familiar with the other's unique personality and needs, they can find the proper balance to make their friendship work. I would guess that many friends I've had have been extroverts. I'm sure there are many marriages between an introvert and extrovert. It's just a matter of finding a common bond and then learning how to deal with each other's personalities properly.

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