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Can you really forget the past especially the if it was bad? People, I need your comments please? Thank you

Can you really forget the past especially the if it was bad? I think I can't because it was printed in memories so difficult to ignore but what can we do is to try to live the day and not to repeat the past again :)



Nor all memories, some are deleted and others need format.

At Arabic ..human being it's mean "انسان " and if we search about mean of "انسان" 

it's pop form forgetting "النسيان"

i think forgetting is nature at us

Memories will forever linger. It will either destroy you or mold you into a better person. It's all up to us on how we will deal with our past.

yes you can if u have a really good distraction and i'm here if u need any help sis .

I do not believe people can forget something important to them even they try to forget all of it. As Karen Gee remarked " Memories will forever linger ". If you cannot throw it away and step out , I guess you need a psychologist to treat your problem unless you can get it along with the bad memory seared or stamped .Life appears to be tough and try to forget as much as you can . You can go forward happily . 

It is not really possible unless you give more interest on someother things.

Thank you all .. great answers :)

maybe some of bad things that happened to me I already forgot.. but of course there are things that left unforgotten not just in mind but also in heart. Its up to you how are you going to use it.. use it as a weapon, shield or a poison.

Look this is really a good message for all the readers.


Always my mom used to say this one thing to me-


"If by hearing the same joke again and again you would not find it funny and you won't be happy.


Similarly if you had some bad time or situation then why to be so sad again and again by remembering that thing? Though we know that neither you or anybody else in this world can change it."


So whenever the times are going tough just let go, leave aside that issue, there are thousands of other stuff you can do to divert your mind.


And at last you are the only one who can overcome your sad memories. No doubt people may help but what worked for them is not necessay that will work for you too.


Just discover your own unique way to overcome and enjoy.


Life is so beautiful.

If you always think about it,repeat it in your brain again and again,you will not forget it forever.

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