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Hello everybody.

Next year I will go to China to attend a course to improve my language skills in Chinese language, I'm planning to attend a one-year course in Nanjing, then I should take the HSK to be able to enroll to a bachelor degree in translating and interpreting offered by Wuhan University. 

Can you give me informations about these 2 cities? Living costs, leisure, means of transport, weather, pros and cons about the cities and so on. Thanks to those who will answer!  Hugs from Italy!





hello I was wondering if we could be chinese partners I rwally need to practice chinese hope you could help me out.

I think you'd better ask to chinese native-speaker guys to help you out, I'm learning it too. In here it's full of chinese guys willing to improve their English language skills.

Wow, Wuhan University! That is a really beautiful university!  

Seasons are distinct in Nanjing, with usually hot summers and plenty of rainfall throughout the year. Along with Wuhan and Chongqing, Nanjing is often referred to as one of the "Three Furnacelike Cities"

I am not living in these 2 cities and I live in Guangdong province in China. But if you have some questions I think I could help you especially language.


I have been in Wuhan city 4 years for college.


Weather in Wuhan with four distinctive seasons. There are many college in Wuhan city. So you can see students everywhere.Some time is too crowded. Stuffs are very cheap, compared to city like Shanghai, Beijing, Guanghou in China.


It locate in center of China. So it's quite easy to go to other cities or provinces by train or air.

Also many foreigners stundents, especially in Wuhan University. College students are very nice. So no need to worry too much.

Hello! My name is 王占山, and I'm interested in meeting new people from around the world. I am in BeiJing,If you're interested in being language partners; we can either talk on here or use QQ.



Nanjing is my hometown. "Nanjing" means southern capital in Chinese literal meaning. It is renowned for its long history. You can see loads of history relics around the city. If you are interested in Chinese culture and history, Nanjing will be a wonderful place for you to live.


Basically speaking, the monthly expenses in Nanjing are of the same level with other major cities in China. For college students in Nanjing, their monthly expenses are 1,500 RMB to 2,000 RMB. But most schools have financial support for students, the meals and dormitory fees are rather cheap. If you want to rent an apartment and travel a lot, you may spend a lot more money.


As for the means of tranport, Nanjing has a developed transport network. You can choose to take a bus, subway or taxi. The public transport can take you to nearly all the places you want to go in the city. 


Nanjing is also a modern city. You can find anything you want. If you want to go shopping, you can go to Xinjiekou. Loads of department stores are located there. If you like pubs, you can go to 1912, next to the old Presidential Palace. If you want to go sightseeing, the Confucius Temple(夫子庙), Xuanwu Lake(玄武湖) and Zijin Mountain(紫金山) are worth going.  My favourite place is Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore(先锋书店). It is one of the most beautiful bookstores in China. I am sure you will love it. 


When it comes to weather, as Iris metions above, summer in Nanjing is very hot. I am studying in Beijing now. It is still very hot in summer. Fortunately, we still have air-conditioner.


Hope you can enjoy your life in Nanjing.     

Ciao, Chiara , piacere .

Ho nata a Nanchino , ora studio in Italia .

Secondo me l'inverno di Nanchino e molto freddo , la estate e molto caldo ,primavera e autunno molto comodità . 

Traffico e molto conveniente , ci sono l'autobus ,taxi , treno , i biglietti non sono caro .

Livelli di consumo e un po caro , in particolare affittare e un po caro , ma combia usare euro forse non caro , ahhah....

Ci sono molti buoni cibi a Nanchino . 

Hi, Chiara! Welcome to China. I was born and raised in  Wuhan. Hope I can help you to learn more about my hometown.^^

1.Transportation:  It 's a big city with 5.78 million people live in the urban area. So the traffic here is crowd, it always drive me crazy when it is the rush time. The transportation here is multiple: buses, texis, railways, light rail... they are popular in Wuhan.

2.Weather : Wuhan belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate. There are sufficient rainfall and sunshine as well as four distinct seasons. Climate here is pleasant generally. In recent thirty years, the average annual rainfall is 1269mm, mainly from June to August; annual temperature is 15.8℃-17.5℃, annual frost free period lasts 211 to 272 days and annual sunlight duration is 1810 to 2100 hours. It's pretty hot in summer, but you can enjoy the sunshine all year even though in winter.

3. Language : Most of residents in Wuhan prefer to speak Wuhan dialect, but of course all of them can speak Mandarin. Some of them can also speak Chinese fluently. People in Wuhan are very warm hearted and easy going.

4. Food :  In Wuhan, you can easily found different kinds of food from all over the China, and also western foods are very popular here. You can always find something that you want to have a try!

5. Shopping : There are lot of big surpermakets in Wuhan: Metro, Walmart, Carrefour, Shopping Mall... You can buy whatever you want here.

Wish you have a good time in Wuhan!

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