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what are the most common stereotypes about your country?

" are you from Russia?! mmmm. mmmmm or Wow !"  What does it mean? Let me guess.... It means  a set of  stable  associations: Russia/ vodka / Bears  .. red square, the Soviet Union/ snow and then( maybe ) Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, Stanislavski e .t.c.
I thought it was in the past.Am i wrong?



well egypt has many to talk about
cairo tower
giza pyramids and the sphinx
Tahrir Square
huge temples
hot weather in summer
sand boarding in the desert

lately :tanks in the steerts :D

May be , many sterotypes (or all) are created  because of the movies...

Mexico has many of them

Could be, people with strange hats (too big ones), eating "tacos" or "burritos" and lying near a "nopal".


Also (of course), the accent and some "special phrases"

"Andale Wey, vente pa' ca" haha !


If you have more, comment!

About Italy:Of course everyone knows Don Corleone-this image of a typical Italian ,a good  Pizza and Pasta,trains  who are late.Its funny becouse for me it is a country of the Italian Renaissance and  beautiful art <Leonardo Michelangelo, Scarlatti Visconti Antonioni  е t с 

by the way I myself have a few stereotypes about Mexico: Tequilla, drugs, everything that forbids America allows Mexico

Brazil: we party too much, don't work that hard, are friendly, have a weird online laughter, have nice, tanned bodies, so on and so forth. I could go on forever. We all dance samba and go to the beach. The girls are hot, the guys are handsome. We always have a smile in our faces. We're loud, passionate, and have strong family values. We're mostly happy even though we live in a violent, poverty stricken society.

Some of these are true, but I won't tell you which ones. You'd have to come to Brazil to figure it out!

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