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I've no chance to speak English, so how can i improve it?.

I've no chance to speak English. I'm trying to improve it just by watching movies or reading books, but I still have the same problems with my English. Even listening to the words' pronunciation and repeating is useless for me! I don't wanna give up, but I don't know what i've to do!



The best thing to do to improve your verbal English is by having a conversation in English with someone. And dont be afraid of making mistakes- you only learn from them. All the best :-)

just start to do it with  real pleasure  and you can do it .Good luck

Thanks alot for your advice, Fayezah. I think i took the first step to join  discussions and conversations in English. It's actually my first time to join Italki.

I'm trying to do my best, Gogol :))  

From 2 aspects of sensory organs you can refer , one is input including listening and reading , and the other side is output including speaking and writing . It is hard to find native English partners to speak in your country indeed , so is my country . If you want to practice writing , Italki is a good platform to practice your writing . If you want to practice speaking , you may find a adequate language partner who has shared the similar goal with you . Native language speaker is not  always necessary unless you can find such a partner who is willing to practice with you every day . In most situation , native speakers cannot tolerate your simple words and fragmented sentences as your level of English is apparently not on the same page as them .  I am deeply convinced that you must keep your input and output balance during your learning .

I'm not sure how much this will help you, because it is an English website, but this is the format I'm going to use to learn Korean:

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