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What are your movie hates?

What do you really hate seeing in a movie? Two of my biggest hates are:


1) When people decide to kiss or waste time somehow when there is a bomb about to explode or some other impendent doom.


2) When someone is driving and spending 80% of their time looking at the person next to them.




When an animal dies / gets killed

I feel very absurd that almost every white man plays the hero to rescue the world the and some other non white women are unanimously enchanted by this white men . I doubt if there is no hero for color men  . I guess most white men are not heroes .

T H E   E N D

When people are eating, esp when the movie have many details about the food, the dinner scene, how they slice the meat or when they speak while eating.


Nacir: You hate when a movie ends or when "The End" is displayed on the screen?

-When a character needs to find "the one" in order to be happy.
-When an animal abused graphically or murdered like what Alexandra mentioned.
-Villains who get defeated by the hero too easily. (ex: Water being poured on them, 
-"And they all lived happily ever after!"-( Until they all die from heart failure. )

I really can't stand the absurd dialogues. I would never say anything like that. :D

Things I hate about movies are the following:


When someone is in critical condition and going to die they can speak a very long paragraph if they want to speak about love and goodbyes before they die but if they are going to tell a secret or important things they usually die because they can say it.


When the main characters and villain are fighting.. In the beginning of the right where the main character are still in good condition can't kill the villain but when they have many wounds and out of strength or they are almost dying that's the time they can able to kill the villain


Some scene are unrealistic for example the movie 2013.. with all of those chaos, building fallings, land splitting fire everywhere.. the main character and his family manage to stay alive how come? it's just because they are the main characters.


lastly, yeah same with you when main characters are kissing in the middle of chaos.

I agree with αλεξάνδρᾱ and Nahdiah. I also hate when a kid dies, happy ending (when a couple lives happy).

Søren, when an interesting movie ends. I want to watch it forever :)

@ Allen- At least we both agree on something...I am starting to get annoyed by the idea of a white person always playing the hero winning the hearts of an Asian lady. For example...."The Forbidden Kingdom" which makes the whole film a very corny movie.

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