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About controling dream

When you fell asleep,do you know you are dreaming in your dream?

If you know how to control your dream?

If you can control it you can do everything you want and meet everyone you want.《inception》is amazing film.I have two or three experiences about controling my dream,but it is still limted.When policemen come I have to run away,I cannot do everything I want.

Maybe the topic is crazy,but I think it's interesting.LOL



It is very interestung \o/

IF you searchin on the internet you can find exercises to chieve this kind of control and I've tied some of then my self... There is a couse of 25 days if I'm not mistaken, it's a PDF you can download anywhere about lucid dreams. It worked but when I was in the levle when you start to realize that you are dreaming I started to have many nightmares. I knew it was a dream, I had conscience, but I could not change it. I have some sleeping distubs such as cataplexy so I think it played it's party in the nightmares, but it was an amazing experience.


There is the subject of astral projection whch is fascinating as well.


It's definitely interesting to think about what it would be like to go inside other people's dreams.

I usually dream about what is on my mind or what I have experienced. Although some dreams I have are completely random and make no sense whatsoever. But then again, I don't remember what I dream about unless I write it down.

My dreams make no sense even if it is not related to me personally. I only witness my dreams just berfore I am about to wake up in a few minutes. Its beyond my control...

Before everytime I have a dream I am fully aware that I am dreaming how? because if my vision is blurry or something is way too different than in reality for example if I see my Dad in my dream then I automatically think this is just a dream because I know my father is already dead. If I am aware that this is a dream I can control it however what I fear about being aware that I am dreaming is that there are times that I want to wake up but I just can't I don't know how to wake up it really scaares me good thing most of the time when I want to wake up I can able to.

Ha yes so crazy and it's one of the topics I am mostly interested in as always :-) Humans spend a third, or a fourth in some, of their lives sleeping so there must be something.


I had it two or three times as I remember but as soon as I realised I was being dreaming I came to consciousness and woke up immediately. Pity! BTW, even one time I was laughing as I woke up LOL!! I used to keep a note of my everyday dreams, well.. on and off, out of laziness I never made it longer than three months every time I felt like resuming.

I cannot control my dream surely. In someone's conception , it is obviously silly to control your dream as dreaming is made up by your spontaneous brain activity . I never have the thought to control  my dream and I have no ideas why I have to control my dream .

Maybe you are dreaming when you are writing down these words .

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