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my dream. hope can be true

I want  be a volunteer to go zambia to take care of lion next year .



i hope you will can 

Follow your dream. It is not impossible. This work makes sense.

I wanted to built the shelter for the animals in my city and saved everyone but it's only childesh dream.

Good Idea! I want to take care about lion too!

good luck to you.and beware of aids 


Lion is always dangerous. and especially like to eat beauties.

So be careful.

And i don't think it a good idea. Why not go to US?

I dream a dream , one day , I wish my dream can come true before long.

If only I could work as a volunteer for lions in Africa . It must be a great challenge to me . 


PS: You dream will not come true if you did not do any preparation to your dream .  However, it is rewarding and promising . I cannot but send you a good blessing .


I want to be a volunteer and to go to Zambia to take care of lions next year.


I think it's a wonderful idea! You are a great person! :)

i also wanna be a volunteer . that is my dream. i wanna go somewhere to help people . it is so meaningful

good luck to you

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