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Do you have hobby?

What do you like to do in your free time?



Searching scholarships :) 

Laying on my sofa ;D
To tell the truth, I have a lot of things to do in my free time: write poems or prose, draw something, read a book, wach a film or just surf the internet. But instead of doing all these things I usually lay on my sofa. Too lazy:) 

Alex,really you write poems or prose?I also write poetry and prose in my free time and i like to read books.

Also i have a lot of hobbies:learn other language,learn about other countries,watcing movies or serials and resting of course. :D




Zameer,that is nice you mean about your future. :)


I like working out my muscles at the gym , reading books , going to the beach and climbling :D

Pedro,these are nice hobbies.

I like chatting with people and i also like listening to music especially in english

The first thing came up in my mind when I see this question is comic books :))

I like reading comic books especially three mangas(Japan comic books) below:

one piece, naruto, bleach.

Is there anybody have a hobbie like me? (I'm not sure about this sentence, my English is not good so right me if I was wrong, thanks!)

Watching The Simpsons :)

I read and draw manga or meet with friends

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