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What is the best place in your country ??



wherever you feel happy 

undoubtedly I can say thet the best place in the world is your home. You can be everywhere but anything don't replace your native house. The home is the best place becouse it is your own place. 

East or West, hame is best! 

Everywhere where I feel good and free:)

Many best places in my country Indonesia, I can't get to choose which is the best......, Beaches, Islands with white sand, Tropical rain forest..., etc...

I'd say a wildlife sanctuary.

My whole Country is best :)

Must visit.

A warm welcome from a proud Indian.

NY city is the best forever. and I guess Miami is the second.

I haven't travelled my entire country yet (Canada is huge)! But my favourite place to relax is on the beaches of Powell River or on Powell Lake in British Columbia.

I also really enjoy being downtown Vancouver at night =)

The best in my country is Pang Nga,it's beautiful see .

it's Ural mountains ,especially in winter.Very beautiful places

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